ESBrew 2012 – Batch #2 – Daddy’s Chocolate Milk

Glorious Molly pre-brew

We brewed the second batch of beer of 2012 on March 9. It was the first Daddy’s Chocolate Milk batch of the year. A favorite among folks that have been enjoying our beer since the beginning, DCM (also known as Super Bowl Stout once a year) is an English Sweet Stout made with Maris Otter, chocolate, black and Carafa malts and a combination of cluster and UK Golding hops. This “session stout” lives up to its name with a rich and creamy finish. Unfortunately, it cannot be enjoyed by the lactose intolerant due to the lactose – an unfermentable sugar – that we add during the boil.

The brew was relatively stress free and, with just two brews on Molly (pictured above) in 2012, we’re already starting to hit our stride.

Sparge of DCM

However, no brew day at ESB would be complete without some kind of drama. This time we experienced a tear in the wort chiller (second time I’ve had this happen in 7 years) so went into a bit of an immediate panic given the situation. Thankfully, Twitter came to our rescue:

It had been over 5 years since I had used an ice-bath to chill the beer down to the right temperature for pitching the yeast so I could be excused for the brain-fart. It was great to get immediate help from folks via Twitter all the same.

Emergency ice bath

Like every beer we plan on brewing this year, the ESBrew 2012 Batch #2 had its own soundtrack and inspirational beer. This time, I listened to Bruce Springsteen’s new “Wrecking Ball” album on a continuous loop throughout the brew and drank Marin Brewing Company‘s San Quentin Breakout Stout for inspiration. One of our favorite stouts here at the ESB – and my wife’s favorite local beer.

Cheers from the brewer!

For all the pictures from the brew day, check out the Elizabeth Street Brewery Flickr page.

The Famous Podcast – Episode 3
A reminder that one of our favorite bands, The Famous, has launched its very own podcast bringing you the best in craft beer, country music and NASCAR. Each episode includes a beer update from yours truly.

Here is episode 3:

You can also subscribe via iTunes.


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Greetings, Richard and Allie,
Greetings, cousins! I came across your site via a Google search for “serva jugum”. My mom’s maiden name was Hay, and as she was one of 11 kids, we have quite the clan feeling ourselves at family gatherings. In fact Richard, you remind me a bit of her brother Chris.
I’m just down the road in the Sacto area, and I’d love to sample your beer. Are there times when your place is open for visiting, or barring that, can you suggest a place where I might be able to taste your wares?

Posted by: Susan Miller @ 2:10 am // July 27, 2012

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