From our family to yours; the ESB ales are to be enjoyed in the company of family and friends and to be seen as accessories to your fondest memories.

I could tell you that every time I brew I enjoy at least three moments of total clarity. Moments that send shivers down my spine and make my hairs stand up on the back of my neck – in a good way. These “I know it was you, Fredo” moments happen every time I brew and I hope that some of that epic, had-to-be-there-to-experience-it feeling is imparted into the beer when you take your first sip… I could tell you that and it would be true.

Or I could just say, here are our beers, we hope you enjoy drinking them as much as we enjoy making them.


Daddy’s Chocolate Milk
A favorite among folks that have been enjoying our beer since the beginning, DCM (also known as Super Bowl Stout once a year) is an English Sweet Stout made with British 2-row, chocolate, black and Carafa malts and a combination of cluster and UK Golding hops. This “session stout” lives up to its name with a rich and creamy finish. Unfortunately, it cannot be enjoyed by the lactose intolerant. We make DCM all year round. 5% A.B.V.

Addison’s Firecracker Red
Named after our first daughter who was born on the 4th of July, 2006, Addison’s Firecracker Red is an Irish Red Ale with a hint of raspberry. Like our DCM, ESB and Quincy’s Winter Warmer it is a British style ale so it tends to be more balanced (meaning that we try to balance the malt with the hops). Conversely, West Coast Pale Ales have a much stronger hop flavor. As our strawberry-blond daughter gets older, she gets a bit crazier so we try to do the same with the beer. We brew this one three times a year but serve it mostly around the Summer time to celebrate Addison’s birthday. A.B.V. 4-5% (depending on brew)

Mummy’s Double Honey
A new beer to the repertoire, everyone was getting a beer named after them so we had to honor “Mummy” with the same. A bit of a sweet tooth made this decision a little easier. A Honey Nut ale that leans much more toward honey than it does nut, “Mummy’s Double Honey” packs a heck of a punch in the flavor department. We’re still working on getting the honey balance right so it doesn’t overwhelm the beer entirely. Steeling from one of our favorite podcasts, beer school, the best part of all of this is the homework! A.B.V. 6%

Quincy’s Winter Warmer
Named after our second daughter, born on October 5, 2008, Quincy’s Winter Warmer is a porter that sees us into the holiday season quite nicely. Again, heavy on the British 2-Row malt with carafa and chocolate too. Also adding barley flakes and roasted barley to the mix. Hops in this brew are Cluster and Golding. There are hints of espresso and vanilla bean when enjoying this porter. Best sipped when the fog of San Francisco is earning its reputation. A.B.V. 6.5%

Auntie Ben’s IPA
Originally our Hohmannbrau Pale Ale named for a special Pale Ale brewed for Ben and Janet Hohmann’s wedding on September 27, 2008, Auntie Ben’s IPA is the same recipe with double the hops. This is a true hybrid of American and English styles using equal amounts of American and English malts and hops. Unfiltered and unapologetic, this chewy IPA doesn’t completely overpower you enough to resist having at least 2 in a sitting. A.B.V. 6%

Elizabeth Street Bitter
We couldn’t call ourselves the ESB and not make one. Our namesake is a recipe we’re continually tweaking to get the balance just right. Using Glacier hops for bittering and Kent Golding for flavoring and aroma, this traditional ESB is the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the family pub in Noe Valley. Always available, never disappointing. A.B.V. 5.5%


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