Time to get creative. Exciting times indeed.

I am very excited to announce that on Tuesday, February 18, I am joining Creative B’stro as VP of Content and Social Strategy. Having worked closely with the company’s founder, Jill Tracy, at Microsoft back in the late ’90’s, I have been following the growth and achievements of B’stro since she made the gutsy and life-changing decision to start her own agency over 10 years ago. She is a real inspiration. I came in to work on some projects at B’stro late last month and was immediately enamored with the creative and strategic focus of the team and the opportunities that lay before them. I knew I needed to be a long-term part of it.

It has been nearly 9 months since I walked away from corporate life to pursue my dream of being a brewer full-time and to spend more time with my kids. With an overwhelming number of ups and downs, we’ve been through a lot this last year as a family, and have come out the other side as determined and as resolute as before. I believe in the future of the Elizabeth Street Brewery and have some near and long-term plans that I will continue to work on in my free-time. For now though, the brewery will remain a wonderful and pure beer-loving experience in our home… or as one infamous Yelp reviewer put it, “it’s just a f*&king room in some guy’s f$%king house and it’s never f*@king open!”

We can’t wait to host you in our garage for many years to come.

There is no denying though that in these past few weeks I feel like a man transformed. I have a renewed energy in the morning; a passion to get off my bum that I think has been missing for a while now. I attribute it to two separate things (that have a unifying theme). The first was hosting our Super Bowl party… pouring beers for friends and family and getting back to “bartending” was invigorating. Secondly, working here at B’stro and sharing ideas with the team has been fantastic. In a nutshell, I don’t do well in isolation. Human interaction is like breathing for me and when I look back on my career, I’m never happier than when I’m helping companies connect with their customers in new and innovative ways. Take one look at the website (http://bstro.com/) and you’ll see that Creative B’stro is the perfect place for me to begin the next chapter of my life.

I’ll be focused on all things content and social. From our clients’ needs to our own, we’ll be evolving an already impressive digital marketing, branding, design and web development agency into a full-service marketing resource for the connected world.

I’m fired up and ready to go.

Bottom line… I’m back.


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I’ve been longing to see an update like this from you and I’m beyond excited to read it today.

They are lucky to have you and I can’t wait to hear more about it over a pint soon I hope.

Posted by: C.C. Chapman @ 2:54 pm // February 12, 2014

Go for it Richard! Good luck on Tuesday. Life is never a solid line of progress without twists and turns; just keep your eyes on the horizon and you’ll get there. You can’t climb a mountain without occasionally having to traverse a crevice.

Posted by: DH @ 5:51 am // February 16, 2014

Good luck, hope it works.
Miss Noe Valley, 24th St and Elizabeth St.

Posted by: Ray @ 4:52 pm // April 25, 2014

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