Stumped on Holiday shopping? Stay local and buy cosmetics from our sister company Elizabeth Street Cosmetics

We’ve got quite the little hub of activity happening on our small block of Elizabeth Street. For those of you interested in buying something truly local for that special someone, check out The ESC – Elizabeth Street Cosmetics – just down the street from us.

From the ESC website:
Elizabeth Street Cosmetics is a boutique collection of lipsticks and glosses that pays tribute to San Francisco’s charming Noe Valley district. As a twelve year resident of Elizabeth Street, nestled just off the business corridor of 24th Street, I continue to be inspired everyday by my beloved Victorian neighborhood. All lip products are named for streets in Noe Valley. РKelly Crispen

My wife, Allie, is a big fan so go check it out. Maybe we should work with Kelly on some ESB-themed shades in the future. :)

Be sure to follow them on Twitter @elizstcosmetics and become a fan on Facebook.


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