Making the most of a commute… Thanks to The Brewing Network

I could stop brewing today and I would still owe a lot of people a great deal of thanks for the amazing ride it has been as a homebrewer since 2003. To my wife for putting up with some of the spills, smells, and “mistakes” brewed in our kitchen and back yard; to Griz, Eric, Andre and the whole crew at SF Brewcraft; to Shaun, Nico, Jesse, Zambo and everyone at 21st Amendment over the past 4 years… I could go on – the list is long.

But I don’t plan on stopping brewing anytime soon. In fact, I think I may just be getting started. But as most of you know, I have a day job down in Campbell, CA that sees me drive 110 miles round trip every day. That’s a lot of time in the car. That’s a lot of time wasted that I could be spending on working on the Elizabeth Street Brewery. However, I have a new group of folks to thank. Primarily Justin, Doc, Tasty, JP, Beevo, Moscow and everyone involved with The Session of the Brewing Network.

I used to work for PodShow before joining eBay so I was exposed to a LOT of independent podcasts devoted to any number of topics – including beer – and I’ve subscribed to quite a few of them for a while now from John Foster’s Beer School to Craft Beer Radio. I always found it difficult to listen to them without a beer in front of me. However, now that I’ve been doing this commute for over 3 years now, I’ve made an effort to ignore those cravings and actually make the most of my time in the car… and not just to listen to JP and Tasty burp at 7:45 in the morning as I drive to work.

For those of you interested in beer and brewing specifically, I highly recommend checking them out. I realized as I was driving in to work this morning, listening to an episode that included an interview with Lucky Bucket Brewing Co, how lucky I am to be able to get value out of what would be normally perceived as a repetitive time-sink. 2 hours in the car every day keeps me away from both my day-job duties (social media & blogging for eBay) and my brewing activities at the Elizabeth Street Brewery.

The Lucky Bucket Brewing conversation was perfect inspiration to get me started on a sluggish Tuesday. I hit the ground running at the office, drafted a couple of posts for work and got ready for our earnings call tomorrow and now, during my lunch break, I’m putting together this post for ESB. The irony of having corporate blogger as one of my primary job descriptions means that I don’t have the energy or time I used to have to devote to this ESB Blog. Let’s hope I keep getting inspired on the commute to and from work so that I can get my beer blogging, education and practical output back to a respectable level.

Cheers to the Brewing Network for making me realize that!


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