Introducing our latest addition to the Elizabeth Street Brewery: MOLLY

RBH and Molly

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes here at the Elizabeth Street Brewery. We are now an official LLC and have our sellers permit (for merchandise, etc.) and we have a new 20-gallon brewing sculpture built by the good folks at MoreBeer. We have decided to name her “Molly” after my Grandmother. We named the award-winning collaboration beer with 21st Amendment , Imperial Jack, after her husband – my Grandpa – so it seemed only fitting to name the brewery after her. After all, behind every good man is a great woman.

Picking up Molly from MoreBeer in Concord.

Transporting her solo home from Concord was quite a rush… particularly once I got onto the Bay Bridge. My buddy Chris helped us set her up at her new home at the Elizabeth Street Brewery. I brewed the first batch on Molly on Sunday, July 10 and it was a 15-gallon version of our stout – Daddy’s Chocolate Milk. The grain bill consisted of 38 lbs of grain…


Considering it was our maiden voyage with Molly, I felt the brew went surprisingly smoothly. After I figured out how to stop the pump from cavitating (as shown in the below video) we were really in business…


Clean-up was a snap too. Mainly because of my two little brewing fairies…


I’m looking forward to assembling our large conical fermenter and brewing a pilsner or lager on there (it’s temperature controlled). Until then… back to beer. Looking forward to pouring for you all very soon.


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Did you also get the ultimate conical also? :) I am so green.

Posted by: Michael Sutton @ 12:53 pm // July 15, 2011

I did indeed! I’ll put a post together once I’ve built it and have it set up. I think the first brew will be a pilsner.

Posted by: rbh @ 1:00 pm // July 15, 2011

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