SF Weekly selects Elizabeth Street Brewery as “Microbrewery of the year”

SF Weekly came out with their “Best of San Francisco: 2010” last week. I’ve always fantasized that one day our brewery would be considered in the running with the other great brewpubs and breweries of SF (Magnolia, 21st Amendment, Speakeasy, etc.). I always figured we’d need to actually be a Microbrewery too – with a license, and a business, and a manager, and a brewer, etc., etc…

Apparently not… :)

That’s right folks, our little homebrewpub in our basement managed to snag Best Microbrewery of 2010 in SF Weekly. A true honor for us considering we’re not selling any beer yet.

Best Microbrewery – 2010
Elizabeth Street Brewery

Every month or so, Richard and Alyson Brewer-Hay invite friends, neighbors, and beer lovers in general to drop by their Noe Valley home and sample the brews they’ve been cooking up in 5- and 10-gallon batches since 2003. A few years back, their rumpus room was converted into a pub for the reality program. This friendly wood-and-brick nook, decorated with framed photos, armchairs, a dartboard, and many many beer bottles, is the ideal setting to enjoy free samples of Quincy’s Winter Warmer porter; Auntie Ben’s unfiltered, ultrahoppy IPA; Mummy’s Double Honey ale; or Daddy’s Chocolate Milk, a rich and creamy stout crafted from four varieties of malt, including chocolate. Brewing updates and information on the next open house are available via the ESB Web site or Twitter: @ESBale.

2010 has truly been a surreal year for the ESB. The 21st Amendment collaboration brew we made that took gold at World Beer Cup and now this.

My commitment and promise to all the folks that have enjoyed a beer at ESB over the past few years is that this will not be distracting, nor will it take away from the ultimate goal: a true family brewpub in San Francisco.

Thanks for your continued support and we can’t wait to welcome you into our wee homebrewpub over the Summer.


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I heard this is just some guy’s basement. 😉

Posted by: agent37 @ 1:04 pm // May 27, 2010

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