Allie & Richard go Up In The Air

Admittedly, this post has absolutely nothing to do with beer but I had to share with folks anyway. Allie’s birthday is later this month but we enjoyed her birthday present a little early this year as we both went up over Napa in a hot-air balloon. Considering my intense fear of heights, I thought I handled it rather well. I must confess for the better part of thirty minutes when we were at our highest (2,500 feet up), my legs were truly jelly. Apart from that though, it was great! 😉



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Love the “Up” music added in. This looks fabulous! :)

Posted by: whitney @ 9:41 pm // March 8, 2010

I love this film very much.

Posted by: Matheus Lindgren @ 1:06 pm // August 20, 2010

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