Summer Update: email & illness

Apologies for the lack of activity both here on the blog and at the pub itself. For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been extremely ill for over 4 weeks now with a stomach bug picked up on vacation. The upside is that it has been the most effective diet I’ve ever been on!

We have bottled our first ever pilsener which tastes good but not great… need to figure out how to tweak for better results. I’ll save some for you regulars, the next time we’re open.

With regard to email: for some reason, none of my outbound emails have been reaching their intended recipients. I am in the process of fixing that, but will resend emails using my personal account because some of you have been awaiting responses for a number of weeks now.

Looking forward to beating this thing and getting back to brewing soon.

See you at the ESB soon I hope… don’t forget, we’re also your home for the NFL once the Fall rolls around. We get every NFL game in the pub throughout the season (Miami Dolphins getting precedence over all other games of course).


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I hope you feel better very soon.

Posted by: Mitch Lopez @ 12:05 pm // July 22, 2009

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