June marks some new beers and old favorites

Contrary to perception here on the blog, we are still very much alive and kicking over at the Elizabeth Street Brewery. Granted, the majority of our communication is currently being done via Twitter (@ESBAle), so if you’re not on there you may have missed our past 2 open houses.

One of which was this past Saturday. We opened the doors from 11:30am – 3:30pm and tasted 9 different beers (3 of my own, 6 “guests”) so we could compare and contrast styles. I had planned on making a Rye ale but am glad I chose to postpone the brew given the number of people that joined us throughout the day.

So… given the demand (I’m now receiving multiple phone calls and emails each week about open hours) but keeping into account our supply (currently running extremely low), I plan on aggressively brewing in the months of June and July. We’ll be doing new batches of Daddy’s Chocolate Milk, B3 Bomber, and Addison’s Firecracker Red. I also plan on going back to the drawing board with Mummy’s Double Honey (last one took a lot to be desired) and a brand new beer that includes a pound of roasted rye and a generous (but monitored) helping of rosemary. We plan on crowning this one our Summer Rosemary Rye.

This will all lead up to some great open house events later in the Summer…

Apologies for the radio silence here… something I plan on remedying moving forward. For now, I’ll leave you with a short and sweet review by one of our newest “customers”, Dan Markham… check out his cool panoramic pic of our “Beer Garden”.


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Many Internet users don’t use Twitter. I’ve wanted to come to one of your events with a magnum of my own homebrew to share, but as far as I knew you weren’t having any. Next time, I hope? Cheers!

Posted by: Grego @ 8:42 pm // June 8, 2009

Hello fellow beer lovers,

my girlfriend and I have been living in Noe Valey now for about more then a year, moving from Atlanta Georgia.
We just love this neighbourhod which is so inspiring and when we heard about the Elizabeth Street Brewery, a sign for us was given to come talk to you and maybe extend the plans a little more to make our passion into reality.

Hearing around in the neighbourhood, people heard about the Brewery and are eager to know what exactly the Elizabth Brewing Pub actually is and are recognizing that this beautiful neighbourhod indeed needs a good local pub that brews its beers.

Being Belgian and having a life time passion for beer, I definitely hope we can talk and maybe make some great plan and make our dreams come through.

We probably will stop one of these days in the hope meeting with you and talking to our plans and ideas.

Best Regards
Tom Van Eycken

Posted by: Tom Van Eycken @ 8:08 am // June 18, 2009

Hi Grego,
With the NFL season about to start next weekend, we’ll be open a lot of Sundays during the coming three months. We have three different styles now in various stages of the fermentation process all in anticipation for the season. I’ll continue to brew throughout too.

Hoping to serve our latest beer next Sunday to kick off the football season.


Posted by: rbh @ 12:09 pm // September 6, 2009

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