A day of firsts at the ESB

I have decided to brew our first ever all-grain Pilsener this weekend. It’s a simple recipe with only two malts and Saaz hops. Looking forward to serving it to folks in a couple of months.

I hadn’t planned on making a pilsener at first, but I was inspired when I visited Fermentation Solutions for the first time. I tend to get 75% of my ingredients locally at SF Brewcraft in San Francisco. The rest of the time, I’ll do one-off trips to More Beer in Concord. However, earlier this week I discovered a brewery supply store just minutes from my office down here in Campbell.

Fermentation Solutions is a family-owned store that manages to pack a lot of equipment and supplies into a relatively small space. Although the grains are primarily pre-packaged and pre-milled (I prefer to build my recipe onsite from scratch), the hop and yeast fridge was impressive and it had everything anyone would need to get started brewing beer at home. It also boasted the best library I’ve seen at a brewery supply store yet. I imagine, given the amount of equipment on display, they get more home winemakers than brewers but I know now that I have a store to stop at in a pinch on my way home if I want to bottle or keg or even flash-brew an ale at the end of the working day.

Looking forward to seeing how this pilsener works out.


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mmm…Pilsner, can’t wait to try it out. Fermentation Solutions is a great little store that has been around the south bay for quite some time. I tend to get most of my brew supplies from them as, like you said, they have just about everything the homebrewer needs.

Posted by: Joe @ 2:19 pm // April 25, 2009

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