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Just a very short note to let you know that we’re still chugging along here at the ESB. We’ve actually got into a nice brewing rhythm this year – brewing ever 2 weeks with consistency. However, I’ve noticed that I’ve started to use our ESBAle Twitter feed as a substitute to consistent blogging and email updates. I’m working to remedy that now.

Quick update on brews available at the ESB:

Vanilla Porter in the keg. First time brewing this particular porter. It was a variation of Quincy’s Winter Warmer and I think I used just a tad too much dark roast. That, partnered with the vanilla bean addition when racking, has accentuated a sourness at the back of the mouth after first sipping. This could be due to its relative youth (needs at least a month more in the keg I think) and I’m hoping that is the case.

Daddy’s Chocolate Milk. When in doubt, brew a stout. This one finished its time in the secondary this weekend and we’ve bottled/kegged equal amounts. Looking forward to sharing this one with friends and neighbors soon.

B3 Bomber Ale. Our second attempt at Bill Brand’s namesake ale. The first was so good we thought we’d play around with it the second time and added some Kent Golding hops halfway through the boil. This was in addition to the recipe and process followed the first time around. This goes into the secondary tonight and will be kegged on May 3.

We’re going to try our first Belgian Wit of the year this weekend.


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