Noe Valley Voice article on Elizabeth Street Brewery

Although my quote could have been better (“I got married so I needed a hobby” – what was I thinking??), Doug did a great piece on us for the local paper, The Noe Valley Voice.

On a quiet corner in the heart of Noe Valley is a blue building with a (not-too) secret life. In one of the building’s condominiums live Richard and Alyson Brewer-Hay and their two small children. He’s a corporate blogger for eBay, his wife a USIS investigator. So far: normal.

But on select weekends, the garage door of the condo flies open to reveal a sweet, wood-paneled hideaway, its walls lined with beer bottles. This little room that was formerly a storage area is now the home of Elizabeth Street Brewery (ESB). Yes, right across the street from the little park where you can chip your teeth on the water fountain because it never has enough water pressure, Richard and Alyson Brewer-Hay (he was Hay, she was Brewer) are managing to brew some of the tastiest craft beer in San Francisco. And when new beers become available, they open their “pub” to the public.

Full article is HERE.


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