Introducing the ESB Photo Contest

What: Elizabeth Street Brewery Photo Competition

Deadline: All entries must be received on or before May 1, 2009

Rules: Take a cool, unique photograph that includes our logo (could be our hats, shirts, sign, etc.) and I’ll put the best ones here on the site.

Prizes: The photographer who snaps the coolest picture wins 2 cases of ESB Ale and a private party at the ESB. Runner-up gets a 6-pack of ESB and an official ESB Trucker hat.

How to submit: I’ll accept images in any format. Emailed, tweeted or dropped off in hard copy at the pub. If we can see the image, it will be entered.

One of our regulars, Roman Garcia, has snapped our ESB hat in some pretty exotic places so far (ex. Machu Picchu and in front of the Vatican).

Here are some other examples:

By Josh Hallett:


By Tim Carter:

RBH getting ready for Mash-in

And one of my own:

Bill's Beer - ESB open


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How would I go about acquiring such a good looking hat? The logo reminds me of my schooling abroad in London. I love the boroughs signs and would love to sport your hat with pride.


Posted by: Ward @ 10:57 pm // March 26, 2009

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