Noe Valley Democratic Club Town Hall: Target on my back?

I attended this month’s NVDC meeting last night which I’m told was far busier than usual (about 150 people vs the usual 15-20). This will most likely be due to the fact that the guests of honor were representatives from Whole Foods (who had come to talk about the price of shrimp and their vegan options based on some of the audience questions) who are set to open their store on 24th street in the Fall.

I was taking notes fast and furiously on my iPhone but knew that it would be a wasted exercise because the Noe Valley, SF blog would also be there in attendance (they’re the reason I knew about it to begin with because I follow their Twitter feed). Sure enough, their thorough account of the proceedings is much more detailed than I could offer so I recommend heading over there to read the full breakdown of the meeting.

One thing that did send shivers down my spine though was a question that came early on in the evening:

“Who do we contact on law enforcement to report a residence running a business out of their garage?”

Whether or not this individual was asking about the Elizabeth Street Brewery is still not clear. However, I did want to stand up and stress that it really isn’t (not yet anyway) a business but it blew over rather quickly and I didn’t get the chance.

Again, I don’t have a license to sell any beer. I am currently a homebrewer with a very slick looking website (if I do say so myself) and an open sign.  If you happen to stop by the pub when that sign is up, and you’re over 21, I’ll give you free beer. It’s pretty straightforward right now.

Having said that, I think full transparency is in order and I plan on contacting Supervisor Bevan Dufty and Officer Miguel about what we’re hoping to accomplish here. No surprises.


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beware the bitchy-busy-body. once you are on their radar it’s game over from there. even if you are doing everything right and by the book they will have the attitude “not in MY neighborhood…

part of your answer is here: http://www.sfbizinfo.org/business_registration.htm

the biggest problem is going to be “your sign” as all residential areas are strict about this kind of thing. it’s one thing to put “Garage Sale” up. but it’s another thing to have a “We’re Open!” there are types of business that are compatible with residential like the corner store, the laundry and other home support things. but those are in specific places.

Posted by: john @ 3:01 pm // February 19, 2009

Hey, we will defend to the death your right to open this fine establishment on our street. Give me ESB or give me death! No taxation without libation. Aren’t these our core American values?

Posted by: Lisa Paul @ 3:06 pm // February 25, 2009

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