Serva Jugum!

What’s in a name?

The “Brewer” to beer link is quite obvious but “Hay” should not be overlooked either. An ancient Scottish Clan name, “Hay” boasts its own symbol (the Falcon), plant (Mistletoe), and the family motto is “Serva Jugum”, which literally translated means “Keep the Yoke”. We like to think this commitment to getting the most out of what life gives you is reflected in the way we live our life and the way we make our beer.


A couple of centuries ago, a man’s name was defined by his profession and it seems only fitting now that the new family name has come to reflect all that Alyson and Richard are passionate about – their family, their friends and their beer.

My father has said that in life there will be many regrets, but there should be no doubts. I am a walking, talking real-life example of the American dream; that clichéd, oft-mimicked story of a man transplanted miles away from his roots determined to succeed; to Serva Jugum; to enjoy the yoke. No more, no less.


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hello my names brett hay i live in Scotland am gettin a tattoo with my familys motto . i never new it was a beer too lol thats funny as mate lol so where do i get this stuff am dieing to try it

Posted by: brett hay @ 2:03 am // July 19, 2009

Hi Brett,
My Dad is a “Hay” from Methel, Fife. Unfortunately, no where outside of San Francisco to get our beer yet. One day though. Thanks for the comment!

Posted by: rbh @ 12:07 pm // September 6, 2009

Hi, I’m another ‘Brett Hay’ but I’m from Australia. My grandfather was from Aberdeen in Scotland, but I’m 2nd generation Aussie. My dad has the family crest on the fireplace at home. One day I hope to get to Scotland for a visit.

Pity I didn’t hear about your beer sooner, as I lived in Geyserville (Ca) for a while, just up the road from SF (I worked at Geyser Peak winery) and Oskaloosa (Ia) – I’m a winemaker, and only returned to Australia a couple of years ago.

Look forward to trying your beer next time I’m Stateside.

Serva Jugum.

Brett Hay

Posted by: Brett Hay @ 1:11 am // July 13, 2011

Brilliant! Although, bummed to have missed you when you were still out here in CA. Would love to try your wine sometime. Maybe a bottle trade is in order when the opportunity presents itself. Cheers!

Posted by: rbh @ 6:15 pm // July 14, 2011

wow Never knew in all my years the importance of the “Hay” name
It hass a long line of distinctive personalities
One of the private secretary of president Abraham Lincoln
who founded the Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington D.C.
Obviously we populate a large area of the world

Posted by: Charley hay @ 11:45 am // December 21, 2011


I am very proud to be a hay and even more proud now knowing that your brewry is named Serva Jugum… I am an ozzy and spent a few years working in Scotland. My wife and I even traveled up to Aberdeen and saw both castles. Trip of a life time. I had the crest tattooed on my arm to remind myself of the strength my family carries. I have a photo of the stone crest that I took when at the castle if you’d like it for your brewry.. Keep the yoke Richard

Posted by: Tim hay @ 4:51 am // February 24, 2012

My last name is also Hay.And I had no idea that there was a beer called Serva Jugum, so cool. Although I now live In Oxford in England,I love going back up to Aberdeen twice a year to see my family. Thank you for telling me what Serva Jugum meant (I thought that it meant serve with dignity).

Aidan Hay

Posted by: Aidan Hay @ 12:28 pm // April 16, 2014

Hey there!

Another hyphenated Hay, living in Corvallis Oregon, and I think it’s great that there’s a beer with our motto on it! I would love to hear when you guys open up wider distribution! A trip to Portland would be well worth getting a case! Viva la beer!

Posted by: Sam Hay-Roe @ 10:10 am // September 18, 2014

A Hay! A Hay! A Hay! I’m with Clan Hay from Nashville, TN (originally from the “highlands” in East Tennessee). I actually attend and set up the tent for Clan Hay at the Scottish Games in Tennessee and North Alabama. For more info, Wiki has a great page on us, and the American Branch’s website is http://clanhay.com/wordpress/. If you’re ever in Tennessee, please come visit. Of course, we’re more known in Tennessee for our moonshine than beer or whisky, but moonshine is just a variation of whisky (aka whiskey aka Scotch). :) Keep the yoke! Maggs

Posted by: Margaret Williams @ 1:04 pm // September 22, 2014

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